About Us


About Us

The AmericaSmiles® Network is a marketing and technology services organization dedicated to strengthening the Dental Lab Industry. AmericaSmiles® was founded more than a decade ago after Keith Crittenden began sharing with dental industry colleagues his ideas for helping dentists improve their business as a means of growing his own dental lab business. Soon after, the AmericaSmiles® Network was launched and our mission has been supporting dental labs ever since.

Labs who join the AmericaSmiles® Network find new tools and resources available to help them better run their business, and provide added-value services and benefits to their dentists. The programs deliver real, tangible value by adding patients, reducing costs, and increasing the quality of the products and services offered.

The cornerstone of our business model is the AmericaSmiles® patient referral websites. This network of nearly 1,000 sites provides our member labs with a real benefit they can offer their dentists. More than ever, patients use the internet to search for a local dentist, and our sites receive thousands of visits monthly. The dentists on these sites come strictly from our members' customers, providing a significant differentiating value for the AmericaSmiles® lab member.

The AmericaSmiles® Network is a division of United Dental Resources Corporation.