CareStream CS 3600 IntraOral Scanner

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Say Hello To The Future of Intraoral Scanning

The CS 3600 is your choice for clinical excellence. With high speed, intuitive and  accurate scanning, you have the power to create vibrant full HD 3D images. The CS 3600 helps you achieve outstanding clinical results.

The CS 3600 allows you to scan in a continuous and uninterrupted pattern, making dual arch and quadrant imaging fast and easy for both you and your patients. No matter your workflow, the digital impressions you create help to streamline your restorative, orthodontic and implant planning. With the CS 3600, the way you acquire digital impressions is truly made easy.

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Clinically Tested. Statistically Superior.

Accuracy is the combination of two important and complementary elements: trueness and precision. Trueness refers to whether a measurement matches the actual quantity being measured, while precision indicates the ability of that measurement to be consistently repeated.

According to “Accuracy of Four Intraoral Scanners in Oral Implantology: A Comparative In-Vitro Study1, the CS 3600 surpassed leading competitors by delivering the best performance in terms of overall trueness.

Not only did the CS 3600 have the best trueness results, it was also “significantly better” than the three other intraoral scanners. Because the “CS 3600 gave the best trueness results,” the study recommends its use in “similar clinical settings.”

The final takeaway gleaned from the study was that “no statistically significant differences were found in the precision among the four different IOS (intraoral scanners).”

1Imburgia et al. BMC Oral Health (2017) 17:92 DOI 10.1186/s12903-017-0383-4


Any Time, Anywhere Intelligent Matching System

Freely complete any missing data in any area.

Focus on your patient, not manipulating software or buttons. The CS 3600’s Intelligent Matching System allows users to freely fill in missing information for any area in the data set for more efficient scanning. There’s no need to indicate an exact location to the system or to follow a specific direction —simply jump to any position in the mouth.

Stunning HD 3D Digital Impressions

Full HD 3D color images offer enhanced image quality with more vivid color and texture.

Show, don’t just tell your patients. The HD 3D color feature provides enhanced 3D images in striking high definition for better doctor/patient communication and increased case acceptance. These stunning, highly-detailed images provide the precise detail needed for effective automatic or manual margin line identification. Additionally, full HD 3D color digital impressions give labs and referrals an incredibly realistic view of a patient’s mouth, leading to enhanced communication and increased accuracy.

As an authorized Carestream provider, AmericaSmiles can provide you with this #1 rated intraoral scanner at reduced cost.

Program includes: - Lease to Own option - Technical support for your staff and your dental lab - Training for up to 10 attendees at no charge - No subscription or data fees

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High-Speed Continuous Scanning

The CS 3600’s unique continuous scanning capabilities makes it faster than ever to acquire a scan.

Continuous scanning allows the user to scan in a smooth, uninterrupted manner, greatly reducing the time it takes to capture a digital impression. This high speed makes it ideal for time-consuming dual arch scans. Plus, since sudden movements—such as the user’s hand shaking or the patient shifting—have little to no effect on successive views, scans can be completed seamlessly despite interruptions to workflow.


Choose the Tip that Suits Your Needs

Two rounded, interchangeable tips in different orientations capture scans in hard-to-reach areas.

Comfortable scanning is possible with the CS 3600. The normal tip is ideal for general scanning, while the interchangeable and unique side-oriented tip is specifically designed with a lower tip height to help scan in difficult-to-reach areas like the buccal, occlusal and posterior regions.  Both styles are autoclavable to support optimal sterilization for infection control and can be used up to 20 times. The CS 3600 tips also offer the shortest height of any autoclavable tips in the market.


Smart Features for Smarter Scanning

An intuitive, guided step–by-step user interface helps to simplify the transition to a digital workflow.

Get started quickly with instructions and animated tutorials that help guide you through the scanning process. Work more efficiently thanks to the simple user interface, which minimizes the number of clicks and helps to reduce the amount of training needed.  Powerful features and smart tools like the Scan history check, online soft tissue removal and 3D margin line tool help you refine the scan as needed.