CareStream CS 3500 and CS 3600 IntraOral Scanners

The Future Is Here...


Simpler Operations, Efficient Procedures, and Easier Workflow
Over the years, technology has literally changed what is possible within dentistry, but all too often is too complex. It takes you out of your comfort zone. It requires too much training. And it is not patient-friendly. This is the reality that Carestream is challenging.


Make The Perfect Impression with the CS 3500 Intraoral Scanner

With the CS 3500 intraoral scanner, practitioners can easily acquire precise true color, 2D and 3D digital impressions. The CS 3500 works as part of the integrated CS Solutions CAD/CAM restoration portfolio, or a standalone solution in a practice’s restorative workflow. Requiring no external heater or trolley system, the CS 3500 features high-angulation scanning of up to 45 degrees and to a depth from -2 to +13mm. Additionally, the CS 3500 features a unique light guidance system that aids in the capture of the data during the image acquisition process.

The CS 3500 also offers unique dedicated scanning workflows for both implant-borne prosthetic planning and orthodontic digital models and appliance fabrication.


CS 3600 Intraoral Scanner Recognized among
Dentistry Today’s Top 100 Products for 2016

The CS 3600 is Carestream Dental’s latest intraoral scanner. Its high speed continuous scanning allows users to quickly capture scans in a smooth, uninterrupted manner. With its Intelligent Matching Systems, missing information can easily be filled in from any location in the dataset. Two interchangeable tips—normal and side-oriented—can be used based on the unique anatomy of a patient’s mouth.

Once scans are acquired, the scanner’s software can be used for restorative, orthodontic or implant-borne restorative applications. Stunning HD 3D color images enhance diagnosis and patient communication. Because the scanner is part of an open system, scans can easily be uploaded to the doctor’s lab of choice for faster turnaround.

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