DentMill5 XT Dry

Digital Dental

DentMill 5 XT Dry

Dentmill DM5 XT Dry
  • DM5 XT Dry Zirconia Mills

    The most versatile, high performance machine engineered yet. Designed to produce Crystal Ultra™ Nano-Ceramic hybrids, digital dentures, zirconia crowns and bridges, non-metal substructures, and PMMA restorations efficiently. Highly accurate, the DM5 XT Dry features a 40-degree b-axis tilt to allow for complicated undercuts, an extended clearance platform, larger tooling, and a 2.3kW high torque spindle.

    • 2.3Kw Super Spindle is Fast and Powerful Making it Ideal For Hard To Mill Materials
    • XT Feature is a 40 Degree Tilt on The B Axis to Reach Hard To Mill Undercuts
    • XT Feature Increases Mill Speeds and Tool Life
    • 5 Axis Mill For Full Arch Restorations
    • Mill Comes Complete with:
       - Mill
       - Mill Stand
       - Vacuum (Housed in Stand)

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