AMS Direct Connect Program
If Your's Is Like Most Dental Labs, Adding One or Two More Good Dentists Could Significantly Impact Your Bottom Line! 
Scheduling Appointments To Grow Your Business
With The AmericaSmiles Direct Connect Program, You'll Have a Team of Professional Sales People Available
To Make Appointments On Your Behalf!

The AmericaSmiles Direct Connect Program utilizes a staff of professional sales people to call dental offices on your behalf generating interest in your dental lab. We then schedule appointments for you to meet with the dentists or office managers to talk about how you can help them care for their patients.

The Process

We provide you with a list of 150 or more dentists for potential appointments. You revise the list, ensuring that all of the contacts are actually dentists and deleting all of your current dentists and those with whom you’d prefer not to work with.

Our standard Direct Connect Session lasts approximately four hours. While we do not guarantee appointments, historically we are able to call 70-100 clients and typically book 3-6 appointments per session. Every market is different and some are more receptive than others. In addition, the more we call in an area the more challenging it can be to schedule appointments.

Our guarantee to you is that if we complete the session and have not booked at least three appointments, we will continue to call for up to four additional hours in an attempt to secure those three appointments.

We provide you with a summary of the appointments made, plus any requests for general information we receive. You should immediately call each of the doctors and thank them for setting the appointment, and to confirm the date, time and location.

We also recommend you bring business cards, samples, scripts, and info on the Patient Network, and that you mention Impression Materials, IntraOral Scanners, and any special offers or any calls to action (buy three/get one free, first two half off, etc) you are offering.

The object of your meeting is to build rapport, increase your credibility, and induce the doctor to try your services.

While a stand-alone four hour session at $160.00 can certainly result in your lab gaining a new client, Direct Connect is a program which we recommend becoming a part of your marketing activity. We recommend 10 sessions over the course of ten months. This is a $1,600.00 investment plus your time. These sales calls should result in between 30 and 50 appointments. If you secure one new dentist from this program, your first year return should be over ten times your investment.

Members of the AmericaSmiles Network can use Star Rewards Points 1 to 1 toward the Direct Connect Sessions.