AMS Direct Connect Program
Adding One or Two More Good Dentists Could Significantly Impact Your Bottom Line! 

Lab owners struggle with finding the time to market and sell their products and services. Its no longer realistic to believe you can walk into a dental practice and expect to speak with the dentist. Its all about getting the appointment. Getting the appointment is the first step in getting a new client. Contacting enough practices to get three or four appointments is a rigorous task. Its a process that consumes a great deal of the lab owner's energy and production time.

The AmericaSmiles Direct Connect Program utilizes a staff of experienced professional sales people to call dental offices on your behalf generating interest in your dental lab, scheduling appointments which provide you with the opportunity to speak directly with the practice's decision maker.

The Process

We provide you with a list of 150 or more dentists for potential appointments. You review the list, deleting all of your current dentists and practices you may find unfavorable.

Our standard Direct Connect Session lasts approximately four hours. Historically we are able to call 70-100 clients and typically book 3-6 appointments per session. If we complete the session and have not booked at least three appointments, we will continue to call for up to four additional hours in an attempt to secure three appointments.

We provide you with a summary of the appointments made, plus any requests for general information we receive. Contact names, email addresses, and other valuable marketing information will also be collected.

We'll then provide you with our "Next Steps" process. These are simple instructions on the best way to proceed following your appointment and information requests. The object of your meeting is to build rapport, increase your credibility, and induce the doctor to try your services.

Direct Connect is our most successful marketing program and should anchor of your marketing activity. We recommend 10 sessions over the course of twelve months for maximum effectiveness. These sales calls should result in 30 to 50 appointments. This number of appointments generally result in 6-15 trials. If you secure one new dentist, your first year return should be over ten times your investment. Historically, with 6-15 trials a lab will secure three new dentist per year.

Members of the AmericaSmiles Network can use Star Rewards Points 1 to 1 toward the Direct Connect Sessions.