AMS Dental Technologies

AMS Dental Technologies

As the AmericaSmiles Network of dental labs has grown, we have been able to attract the attention of large manufacturer’s and distributors of dental industry products. Due to the size and spend of our network, we have successfully negotiated exclusive discounts for our members. Many of our members more than cover the cost of their annual membership through the savings they receive from our partners.

AMS Dental Technologies is the Exclusive & Certified Dental Design and Milling Center of the AmericaSmiles Network.

In order to stay on top of technology, labs will all eventually have scanners and many will invest in milling capabilities in-house. As part of our mission, AmericaSmiles Network will assist you through this process. We also believe that one day, most dentists will have their own scanners as well. That’s why we’ve positioned ourselves to assist you to offer scanners to dentists to open a new profit center for your lab.

Our members receive Discounts on:

  • Scanners
  • Dental Mills
  • Zirconia Blocks and Pucks
  • AmericaSmiles branded Materials and Supplies for you and your dentists
Zirconia Bridge

The Exclusive and Certified Dental Design and Milling Center of the AmericaSmiles Network offers our members high quality and affordable zirconia copings and full contour zirconia crowns. Scanning services are also available for those labs that do not already own a scanner. All milling and scanning services are available at very low membership rates, while still maintaining premium quality standards. Shipping is free to all members.