AMS Star Rewards

Effective Date: July 1, 2018:

The AmericaSmiles Network Offers Members Participation In The AMS Star Rewards™ Program. Members In Good Standing Are Granted Points Monthly and For Participation In Special Events.


AMS Dental Technologies, Inc., the exclusive and certified milling center of the AmericaSmiles Network also grants Star Reward points for milling center services which can be used by AmericaSmiles Network members toward the purchase of products and services.

Members of the AmericaSmiles Network can apply their Star Reward Points to the purchase of products and services such as AmericaSmiles branded lab supplies, zirconia discs and implant components, as well as marketing services (including Direct Connect/Lead Generation services).

Program Rules for AMS Star Rewards

Points accumulation and redemption can be found at AMS Star Rewards Terms & Conditions and accumulated point totals can be viewed on-line at

When are points granted?

One Star Reward Point will be granted for each Titanium custom Abutments, Full-Contour Zirconia Crowns and Copings, and Z-Max restorations

In addition, AmericaSmiles Member are granted points monthly based on the number of shared patient referral directories they have licensed at full price.

How are points tracked?

At any time, labs can see their point status by clicking on the Star at the top of the screen when you log into our website at

How can points be used?

Star Reward Points can be applied to Marketing services such as website development, graphic design work and Direct Connect services at 1 point for every $1.

Points can also be used to purchase file conversions and 3D Printed Model work from AMS Dental Technologies at 2 points for each $1.

Points for AmericaSmiles branded products, including Zirconia and Implant components (MIST and Medentika brands) can be applied to purchase at 3 points for each $1.

See the AMS Star Rewards Terms & Conditions for complete rules.