Intraoral Scanner

Technology has literally changed what is possible within dentistry, but all too often it is too complex. Many times technology takes us out of our comfort zone. It requires too much training.

When you offer the Carestream CS3500 intraoral scanner to your dentists, you give them the chance to challenge this reality and make the perfect impression. 

The CS3500 is portable and easy-to-use, highly precise digital scanner. Your dentists and their patients will be impressed with the speed and ease of taking impressions.

The AmericaSmiles and Carestream Dental agreement allows our lab members to offer the CS3500 at a highly competitive price. Our solution includes training, set-up, and a 3-year warranty – plus there is no need for you to buy and resell the CS3500. 

The dentist purchases directly from AmericaSmiles and you receive a commission. Your dentist then uploads their digital files to the AmericaSmiles secure web-based portal where you can access these file for design utilizing open-source CAD software such as 3Shape or Exocad. Then files are sent directly to AMS Dental Technologies for milling. Contact AmericaSmiles to begin offering the CS3500 to your clients today.