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AmericaSmiles offers fabulous full & part time positions with opportunities to advance as needed. AmericaSmiles is a great place to work whether you're a student earning your college degree, a mother who's made the decision to reenter the workforce, or a seasoned professional looking for a great place to call home. A cutting edge dental technologies company and industry membership organization, AmericaSmiles is a nationwide industry leader in dental technology, creative marketing, and operations management. Located near Governor’s State University, Prairie State College, & Interstate 57, AmericaSmiles is easy and convenient to get to.

Just browse the positions in the overview below and assess your interest in as many of them as you'd like, then fill out the application form below. Let us know what hours you might be available as we have a variety of needs in our schedule. We are a growing business and find a constant need for quality individuals to join our team!

Overview of Positions 



Sales and Marketing:  We’re always looking for results-driven sales representatives to actively seek out and engage customer prospects. As an AmericaSmiles representative, you will present, promote and sell products/services using solid arguments to existing and prospective customers in order to boost top-line revenue growth, customer acquisition levels and profitability. We offer attractive incentive programs for highly motivated and target-driven individuals.

Telemarketing: Solicit appointments with dental practices for our member dental labs over the telephone. Deliver prepared sales talks, reading from scripts that describe products or services, to persuade potential customers to allow our member to stop by their practice and inform the practice of the  benefits of using their laboratory.

Traditional Graphic Design: Our graphic designers help us maintain our marketing message to ensure the steady growth of our company. Our graphic design team also produces graphic design projects for the over 200 clients in our marketing membership program. This job is great for experienced graphic designers in both print and web applications. 

Packaging: AmericaSmiles packages for delivery over 175 manufactured false teeth per day to our clients all across America. Accuracy is extremely important for this very busy yet very rewarding department. 

Billing and Invoicing: Every morning begins with invoicing all the teeth we manufactured the previous day. Experience with QuickBooks and or Peachtree accounting is beneficial but not required. A great position for business management majors, accounting majors, or anyone with bookkeeping and or office management experience.  



CAD CAM Scanning: This is our entry level position for entering the world of CAD CAM technology. Our customers send us physical plaster models of peoples teeth and you can be in charge of turning those physical models into digital models using our scanning equipment and scanning software. 

CAD CAM Dental Design: Although this department is traditionally reserved for experienced dental laboratory technicians, we have found that people with graphic design experience, 3d modeling training and or experience, or even just a person comfortable with computers and an artist’s eye for detail can excel in this exclusive area of dental technology. 

CAD CAM File Management: Every Day AmericaSmiles receives hundreds of CAD CAM work orders from all over the nation. These files must be sorted to determine such things as size of the tooth order and the type of material to be used on the manufacturing department. This job requires a person who is comfortable with the detail of managing and sorting CAD CAM files with extreme accuracy. 

CAD CAM File Processor: This position brings you deep into the world of CAD CAM. Every CAD CAM file work order must be processed into a language that our manufacturing machines read and can work with. This position connects the world of CAD (Computer aided Design) with the world of CAM (Computer aided Manufacturing). 

Machine Operator: The AmericaSmiles facility has 10 milling machines manufacturing teeth 10-12 hours per day. We need operators that can load the stock material into the machine, change out the milling tools, and perform general routine maintenance.  This task is generally shared by multiple people who are performing other tasks at AmericaSmiles. 

Parts Removal and Inspection: Once the teeth are manufactured in our milling machines an inspection is performed and the teeth are manually removed and separated from the material stock they were made from. This job is best for people who like to work with their hands and have an eye for detail. 

Tooth Coloring: This is where Art mixes with Science. Every false tooth produced at AmericaSmiles is hand colored by a coloring technician. This rewarding position is great for any art major or any person who enjoys detailed work and takes pride in the final outcome of their work. 

Fit and Finish Technician: This is one of the final steps in our quality control process. Each tooth is fitted back onto the physical plaster model of the dental patient’s mouth. Minor adjustments are made with our hand held grinders to ensure final fit and finish of every tooth before it leaves our facility. 

Rapid Prototype 3D Printing: This new and rapidly growing area of dental technology is fun and rewarding. Our technicians begin with a digital scan of a patient’s mouth and then through the use of our 3D Printing software and hardware a physical model is produced.