Marketing Advantage

AmericaSmiles Marketing Advantage Program
Developing A Customized Campaign For Your Lab

We have developed three agressive campaigns that are sure to have a positive impact on your business. This program builds awareness, puts you in front of prospective dentists with a consistent message over a 13-week period, and is designed to generate face-to-face sales call opportunities for you to gain more customers.

• An excellent way to boost your marketing activity and grow your business.

• Our marketing team will help develop a customized campaign for your lab.

• Build brand awareness and leverage this attention to secure appointments for you to meet with the doctor.

• 13-week marketing campaign includes six mailings scheduled every two weeks.

• Calls will be made to each dental office every 6 weeks.

• 3 Basic Packages, depending on how many new clients you aim to add: 1-2 clients, 2-3 clients, or 3-4 clients.

When our mailings and calls are combined with your direct sales call follow up, this program should generate one or more new clients for each 100 dentists targeted.