RAC Oven


RAC Oven

RAC Oven 1320

    This furnace is manufactured by modern machinery manufacturing and processing
    equipment with exquisite workmanship and high quality. High-temperature furnace pipe using high purity alumina lightweight fiber materials, excellent thermal insulation properties, pollution-free. The control interface is a large-size high-definition TrueColor LCD touch screen, good graphic display, easy to operate. Advanced PID intelligent temperature control, high-temperature control precision, reliable work.
    Please read this instruction manual carefully before using the product.

  • Technical Parameters

    • Temperature accuracy: ± 1 ℃
    • Touch Screen Size: (152 mm x 76 mm)
    • Rated power: 3KW
    • Programs quantity: 40 programs
    • Number of molybdenum silicon rods: 6
    • Sensor Type: double platinum and rhodium
    • Maximum temperature: 1730 ℃
    • Operating temperature: less than 1650 ℃
    • Heating rate: ≤40 / min
    • Hearth size: Ø110mm × 120mm
    • Dimensions: Length 400 × depth 500 × height 850mm

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