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Large corporate laboratories have all of the latest materials and technologies but can be daunting when your cases need personal attention and you've quick response requirements. Small boutique labs, while delivering personalized service and fine aesthetics, can be equally frustrating when you have many diverse needs, exacting demands, and a heavy work flow. AmericaSmiles brings you the best of both worlds with The AmericaSmiles Network. We empower small and midsized independent labs by equipping them with all the latest tools and materials to perform any and all of the services that the big guys provide, while at the same time maintaining that personal service relationship so crucial between the successful dental practice and their partner laboratory.

The AmericaSmiles® Network is a marketing and technology services organization dedicated to the Dental Lab Industry.  The AmericaSmiles® Network was founded almost two decades ago. AmericaSmiles® Network Member Laboratories find the latest tools, technologies, and resources programs available to help them better run their business and provide the best services and benefits possible to their dentists by staying ahead of the curve in technology and materials. These programs deliver real, tangible value by making the latest dental laboratory equipment and technology available to member labs, offering the finest in laboratory supplies at lower cooperative prices, adding patients to their dentists practices, and generally increasing the quality of the products and services offered. AmericaSmiles® Network Member Laboratories are committed to quality and so back-up their restoration work with network certification and warranty programs through AmericaSmiles and The American Cosmetic Dental Laboratory Association.

The AmericaSmiles® Network is a division of United Dental Resources Corporation.

What Makes An AmericaSmiles® Network Member Lab The Right Choice?

Patient Referral Web Sites, and Over One Thousand Local Patient/Dentist Referral Sites Such as allow our members to assist their dentists in growing their practices through patient acquisition. The AmericaSmiles® patient referral websites have always been the cornerstone of our business model. This network of nearly 1,000 sites provides our member labs with a real benefit they can offer their dentists. More than ever, patients use the internet to search for a local dentist, and our sites receive thousands of visits monthly. The dentists on these sites come strictly from our members' customers, providing a significant differentiating value for theAmericaSmiles® lab member.

Large Selection of Cutting Edge Lab Supplies
Improvements in the beauty, strength, and durability of materials like porcelain and zirconia have made cosmetic restorations more natural and lifelike than some of the best materials in use just 10 or 15 years ago. Every patient is best served with a restoration that addresses their clinical conditions. With that in mind, AmericaSmiles offers more high quality choices than ever before when it comes to restorative materials for teeth. We partner with our members to bring you the highest quality dental restorations products available today. Plus the opportunity for members to supply their dentists with commonly used supplies like AMS SUPERHYDRO Impression Materials sourced from S&C Polymers in Germany, and others. Members also can utilize 20% discounts from two of the leading dental suppliers, Shofu and Nowak to help keep prices down while keeping value high.

Marketing Services
Growing The Lab’s Business AND Your Practice is What AmericaSmiles Network Marketing is All About. Our Members AND Their Dentists Have Access To Graphic Design, Web Design, Client Acquisition, Direct Mail Marketing, eMail Marketing at very inviting cooperative prices.

Full Service Milling Resource Centers
Our members can offer through AMS Dental Technologies, Inc., our Milling Resource Centers, located across the country, a full range of the latest materials and services.  Now, even the smallest of boutique artisan member labs can provide all of the services the big corporate labs provide, but with the service that you require.

AmericaSmiles Finance Equipment Resources
We've researched the industry to identify the best laboratory technologies and we provide our members with the opportunity to finance on extremely flexible terms.  We offer our members the opportunity to acquire Lab Scanners, 3D Printers, Milling Machines, and Scintering Ovens along with the support required to get them up and running and keep them there.

Our members can also offer their dentists the industry leading Carestream CS3600 IntraOral Scanner. AmericaSmiles is a national distributor for Carestream Intraoral Scanners and so can provide member labs and/or their dentists with these primary purchasing priorities:
1. A great price on a number one rated intraoral scanner.
2. No subscription or data plan fees for dental labs or dental practices .
3. Technical support for the lab and the dentist at no charge.
4. Extremely Flexible Finance Terms.

CAD Protection Services
Non-Disruption of Business Benefit keeps member labs producing after digital equipment failures. Service Protection Programs provide funding to members for service related repairs to digital equipment. An AmericaSmiles Network Member Lab will never be unable to meet your needs due to any unforeseen problems with digital equipment.


Technical Support Services
Our Technicians are available for our members and their dentists. Our members love the personalized service provided by AmericaSmiles Technical Support Personnel.

Certification and Warranty Programs
ACDLA Certified is a service of the American Cosmetic Dental Lab Association that informs dentists and their patients about the materials utilized in any given restoration. Labs that choose to participate in the ACDLA Certified Program choose to offer a formal warranty on workmanship and materials. Each restoration has been given a certification warranty code that allows the dentist/patient to easily access all information on the dental restoration. This warranty is backed by the AmericaSmiles Network, who is the final arbiter in any disagreements regarding the warranty. If your warranty claim is not being received as you desire by your lab, you can appeal directly to AmericaSmiles and we’ll review the warranty claim in its entirety.

The AmericaSmiles Network publishes the quarterly AMS Bulletin, wherein we make sense of and keep members appraised of industry matters and trends.  We also publish the monthly AMS Update, which keeps our members updated on how to best utilize all that The AmericaSmiles Network has to offer. An informed membership is an empowered membership.