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tech1Advancements in Technology is a primary driver of change within the Dental Lab industry.  At AmericaSmiles, we believe lab owners must embrace technology and become a trusted technology advisor for their dentists in order to maintain their business. Deploying the latest technology often increases efficiency; allowing your lab to produce higher quality products at higher volumes while controlling or reducing your cost structure. Utilizing outside dental design and milling centers, scanners, and even expanding your offering into new areas of dentistry, are critical to your on-going success. Investing in technology does not have to break the bank. From utilizing the internet and social media, to moving into the digital world, AmericaSmiles can be your trusted partner.

The AmericaSmiles Network helped launch an exclusive and certified dental design house and milling center called AMS Dental Technologies, Inc. AMS TechnologiesDATRON_D5_Dental_Milling_Machine provides AmericaSmiles Network members with technology solutions for your lab and for you to offer to your dentists.

Learn more by checking out the list of technology solutions:

  • Zirconia Full Contour Crowns
  • Zirconia Copings
  • Custom Titanium Abutments
  • AMS Incisal Tones (custom coloring system)
  • Design Services
  • Scanners and Mills
  • Coming Soon: Intra-Oral Scanner!